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NO Surprises!

We make it easy to know what it will cost.

NO salesman, no hassle.

Work is done by the lineal foot.

 If you know an approximate measurement, you can know what to expect.

These photos help you visualize how much curb to expect for $600

Minimum order: 50 feet
There are various elements to the cost depending on your situation and the choices you make. There are no “set-up” fees, or “upgrades” for better concrete mix with longer warranty – we use only the best concrete mix all the time. We keep the pricing simple so there are no sales tricks. There are some optional services to make your job of finishing the beds easier.
The curb cost includes all materials and labour .

All prices are PER LINEAL FOOT. No gimmicks- up hill, circles, short runs, right angle corners, all the same price per foot. Measure the total feet, multiply by the posted price, add the GST, that’s it

There are three cost factors: the curb itself, the prep work, and any extras

1) Curb cost:

UNSTAMPED  $8 / ft  curb like mower edge, low angle border , flat, slant back, or round top curb installed with natural colour concrete with SMOOTH or BRUSHED finish including galvanized steel wire reinforcement.

Integral colour can be added for $0.50 light colours $1.00/ foot dark colours. see colours

STAMPED  $11.00/ ft   flat, low angle or slant-back curbs . This includes galvanized wire reinforcement, all colour/s and first coat of sealer. (see sealing page under FAQ’s menu for details on your second coat sealing step.)

2) Prep cost:

$1.50/ foot when there is existing edging  for cutting one or two swaths (up to 18″ wide) of sod around existing beds to reshape and make way for the curb.

 $1.00/ foot If there is no existing edging. 

Sod scrap and old edging is left on site, unless sod hauling is ordered too. Large new bed areas requiring lots of sod cutting in existing lawn are quoted separately. Yes, you can save money by doing the prep yourself. Please do not prep too deep! 1-1/2 inches- thickness of a 2X4 is enough- as if you were to lay new sod beside the old. Please refer to our photo sets on ground preparation. We do not include hauling the sod away in the ground prep cost, but we can provide this service at a cost far below independent hauling companies. Most municipalities outside of Edmonton have composting facilities accessible by homeowners only- not by us as contractors. In Edmonton the Cloverbar landfill accepts a pickup truck
load of sod for about $25

3) Extras costs- (click link to learn more)

As of the 2018 season, all residential curbs include wire reinforcement.

Included steel wire reinforcement can be upgraded to Horizontal Steel CABLE for $0.50 / foot . Steel cable is a step up from the standard wire reinforcement.  It is recommended for new construction or near Spruce, Black poplar or elm trees. 

Fabric margin : $0.50/ foot

Sod hauling. -price by quote ( approx $1.00 / foot for small jobs. less for bigger jobs)
Fill beds– price by quote

Travel: These prices apply to Edmonton, St Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, and Fort Saskatchewan. Outside that circle, there may be a travel charge.

Costing examples:

A)  Smooth Natural coloured mower edge incl horizontal steel on final grade or you do prep: (no sod cutting by us required) $8.00/ foot
B) Tinted Mower edge or low angle border incl horizontal steel with prep around existing beds: light colour tint- $10 /foot ( $8.00 for curb,+ $1.50 prep+ $.50 colour)  Dark charcoal tint incl prep – $10.50/foot
C) Stamped curb on new topsoil with INCLUDED horizontal reinforcement: $11.00/ foot ( others charge and extra $1 per foot for reinforcement)
D) Stamped curb incl reinforcement and first coat of sealant. In existing landscape where we reshape beds by cutting sod or moving rocks/ mulch: $12.50 per foot.

A simple way to work out the price if you know an approximate measurement, is to use our estimating tool by clicking this icon. 

Use estimating tool

Or Call David for a free design and estimate : 780-667-9528

Volume Discount

The prices noted above apply to average and small jobs 50-200 feet in the metro area. If you require more than usual quantities, a discount will apply

How to measure:

You can use a hose to help lay out and measure your plan. Hoses generally come in 50 foot lengths.

You can flip a stick 4′ or 5′ long end to end along the line, multiplying the number of lengths.

You can pace off the length: one big step equals 3 feet. approx.

You can use a flexible tape measure.

Ideally, use a large diameter measuring wheel. This is how we measure the length of curb you require.

We also install small slabs and fill beds with rock. Call for a quote. 780-667-9528




We prefer your personal cheque or e-transfer, and will accept credit cards and cash

See payment page
GST is added to prices listed.

While we gladly accept cash in payment-  Please, no unethical “cash deals”. We are a legitimate business, and do not participate in widespread corrupt tax-evasion practises. We willingly pay taxes to help sustain this excellent country which we so enjoy; its services and free society which has been earned at the cost of many lives. We believe that cash deals are a slippery slope and a mark of ethical decay; evidenced in many third-world countries by lack of social and business services,  personal security and infrastructure. See Revenue Canada page on underground economy here.